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Emporium Black Card Review: Helps You Build Your Credit History

Emporium black card; what is it for?

Emporium Black Credit card is for people who are struggling financially and looking for ways to buy brand items. An Emporium Card is one of the options for you if you have a damaged or bad credit or looking for an instant credit card.

However, an Emporium credit card limits you to on Emporium online store for your shopping.

This article aims to answer all your questions regarding emporium credit cards, the pros and cons, key features, qualifications and much more.

What is the emporium black card?

The Pacific Credit Group Group issues Emporium Black card, which enables you to buy brand items and pay for them over time – without interest.

The item’s aggregate purchase price determines lease terms. Lease terms can be 12, 18, 24, or 36 months long. Once you become a member, you won’t have the annual, processing or application fees. 

The Emporium Credit Card also helps you build your credit, when you make payments on time.

Where can you use an emporium black credit card

Holding an Emporium credit card means that you can shop tons of items offered on the Then you pay for them later interest free over the lease term.

How does the emporium black card work?

When you purchase an item, you have an option to exercise an EPO( Early Payment Option). And here is how EPO works:

  • If you choose an EPO within 120 days of your purchase, the final price to pay will be the cash price less all lease payments you’ve made (excluding any fees or taxes) plus tax.
  • If you choose an EPO after 120 days of your purchase, your EPO will be 50% of the difference between total payments in your lease agreement and the total of all lease payments you have made (excluding any taxes or fees)

The interest rate depends on the length of your payment terms and ranges between 12, 18, 24, and 36. The interest rate for 35 months is approximately 37% and 100% for 12 months.

Therefore, you’re better off paying off over 36 months than 12 months, because you pay lower interest rates.

However, they don’t mention anywhere on their site how much interest you are going to pay. But they have a table showing the list of possible prices of products, repayment period, and total amount you end up paying. That’s how we arrived at the calculation.

Key Features

Here are the key features of an Emporium Credit Card, their shopping site, and their credit lines.

  • Get a spending limit of up to $5,000, although you may start off at $300. In contrast, most subprime credit cards start you off with an initial credit of $300.
  • Get over 100,000 brand-name products like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Prada, Gucci, and much more with low and easy payments.
  • Be at least 18 years old and a viable source of income to get any of their credit lines. They also consider income from Social Security.
  • Reports to all the three national credit bureaus.
  • Approval is quick and easy even for a less than perfect credit.

Pros & Cons 


  • Credit limit approval within 60 seconds
  • No monthly or annual fees.
  • Reports to major credit bureaus
  • Accept people with bad or damaged credit
  • Pre-approval does not affect your credit score
  • Limit of up to $5000, but you can start from $300
  • Emporium credit card offers a 50% early payment discount


  • Need a checking account and an income verification
  • Your purchase is not rightfully yours until you pay off the purchase
  • Very high APR. Starts from 37% for 30 months up to 100% for 12 months pay off.

Peer Comparison Table



Before you apply for any credit card, first take a step back and consider how you should build your credit. Because you wouldn’t be looking for an emporium store card if you had good credit. You’ll probably be shopping on Amazon.

The typical route to rebuild your credit is to start with a secured credit card because of the reasonable annual fees.

A secured credit card (and if you use responsibly), should help you increase your credit score. You can also try to get an unsecured credit card.

Once you get an unsecured credit card, you might want to add more cards in your wallet to increase your overall line of credit while maintaining a low utilization rate.

However, subprime cards have hefty fees and that’s where a credit line from an online store comes in handy. But not all online shopping sites are similar, Some charge monthly fees just to be a member. 

But does not charge any fees and allows “emporium shopping buy now pay later”. Although technically, you’re leasing until you pay in full and they do not charge any fees for being a member. You only pay interest.

However, what if you already have a subprime credit that has fees? You still have issues with your credit, preventing you from getting a no annual fee credit card? 

Then you might consider an emporium credit card, because there is no membership fee to join and gives you another credit line. They also report to the three credit bureaus helping you build your credit.

Emporium credit card application

You want to apply for an emporium credit card?

The application process is relatively simple, and all you need to do is to fill in the information requested. Here is a screenshot of the application page.

Bottom line

If you frequently shop online at Emporium and are looking for a way to enjoy brand items even with a bad or damaged credit, then Emporium Credit Card could be your solution.

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