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DeLuxe Signature Card: Up to $1,000 Credit Line- Guaranteed

The DeLuxe Signature Card enables you to buy high-end electronic products you wouldn’t get in normal circumstances. 

Or even better…

It is designed specifically for people with bad or no credit and gives them the freedom to purchase the things they need!

… and it’s easy to get approved for this card; frankly, it’s almost guaranteed.

You’d probably be pumped to read about it.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I am going to share with you in this post.

We’ll cover what a signature credit card means, the key features, the pros, and the cons to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in.

What is a DeLuxe signature card?

A DeLuxe Signature card is a store credit card issued by the Hutton Chase Corporation. It is suitable if you want to buy some high-end electronics and other items you couldn’t afford.

The Luxe Signature Merchandise Credit Card is a revolving line of credit. And all you have to do is make a downpayment on the product you want, make the first month’s payment, and the shipping charges.

You pay the balance over five months, and the total price is usually less than the typical retail cost of the item.

You also pay a monthly account maintenance fee- which you must pay when you open the account. However, the savings you make on the merchandise can offset the entire monthly costs – depending on the individual item or multiple items.

Other fees on the account include the NSF fee, which applies when you make a payment, and your bank account you use has insufficient funds. Another type of fee is the late fee which varies from state to state.

But one good thing is that there is no interest on the purchases you make,e and there are no additional costs outside the monthly account maintenance fee and the shipping cost.

Features of the Deluxe Signature Card

  • Up to $1000 Line of Credit* At their Online Store!
  • No Credit Check or Employment Check
  • Guaranteed Approval*
  • Buy major name brands you love and trust!
  • 0% Interest for Members!

What are the fees for Deluxe Signature?

The following fees apply to the Deluxe Signature:

Annual Fee$239.40
Initial Program Fee$29.95
Returned Payment Fee$30
Late Payment Fee$30

Pros and Cons of Deluxe signature card

Major advantages of Deluxe signature card

  1. Boosts your credit score – Deluxe Signature reports all activities on the card to major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). So using the card correctly can quickly improve your credit score.
  2. Easy to get – It’s easy to get the DeLuxe signature card and doesn’t require credit checks. You can always count on this card as a viable alternative. It considers applicants with fair or poor credit.
  3. High credit limit – The Deluxe cardholders receive an unsecured credit limit of $1000 immediately after application to purchase brand products at the unique outlet store.
  4. Get an online account – You get an online account that enables you to track your spending, check balances, and organize your payments. An online store also makes it easy for you to see how much you have already spent, so you dont go in the red.
  5. Lower average purchase APRs – 

Major disadvantages of Deluxe signature card

  1. Monthly maintenance fee – The Luxe Signature store card has a monthly maintenance fee. The fee is approximately $20 per month ((after an Initial Program Fee of $29.95). But make sure to check the Terms & Conditions before you make the application.
  2. Annual fees – The annual fee of $239.4
  3. Limited Usage – The Luxe credit card is a shopping credit card but limited to only the luxe merchandise online store. It’s a closed-loop card that gives you extra benefits when shopping at the deluxe online store. 
  4. Limited benefits – There are no signup bonuses with the Deluxe signature card and no cash-back rewards. You also dont earn rewards on every purchase or many credit card benefits.

What is the difference between a Visa card and a Visa Signature card?

Visa Signature Cards offers more than the traditional Tire’s primary benefits and has a minimum credit limit of $5,000.

Visa Signature benefits include;

  • Cardholder inquiry service (T).
  • Zero fraud liability (T).
  • Roadside assistance (T).
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver (T).
  • Lost/stolen card reporting, emergency replacement, and emergency cash (T).
  • Extended warranty protection.
  • Year-end spending summary.
  • Travel and emergency assistance.
  • Visa Signature concierge.

Benefits marked with (T) are part of the Visa’s Traditional Tier. Therefore the Signature Visa Card includes all traditional benefits plus the signature-level perks. But the Visa Infinite card is high-end and offers more benefits.

The Visa credit card comes with benefits such as road dispatch, rental car insurance, and emergency card replacement.

What credit score do you need to get a Visa Signature card?

You can qualify for select Visa Signature cards with a credit score of 670+. But some cards require a credit score of 740 to get the best approval odds.

Should You Get the Luxe Signature Card?

The Lux Signature card is best if you want to shop at the Unique Outlet online store. The 0% APR makes it ideal if you make frequent purchases, have a bad credit score, and want to build your credit.

You can also get the card without a credit check and use it to improve your score over time. 

The unsecured credit card doesn’t require deposits, any investment at the start.

You’ll get all the benefits as long as you pay your annual fees. However, ensure to keep your balances low in order to speed up the process of improving your credit score.

Deluxe signature card application: 

How to apply for Deluxe Signature Card

Step 1: Visit the Deluxe Signature website

Step 2: Fill in the application form by providing general information such as annual income, Social Security Number, and address.

Step 3: Ensure the information is accurate and submit your application.

The deluxe signature phone number is 1-888-805-7648

Deluxe signature FAQs

1. What kind of card is the deluxe signature?

DeLuxe Signature shopping card is not a MasterCard or a Visa. It is a merchandise shopping line of credit used only at Unique Shopping Outlet.

2. Where can you use the deluxe signature card?

You can use the LUXE Signature Merchandise Card credit line (deluxe signature card) exclusively at the “My Unique Outlet” online store.

3. What kind of products do signature deluxe cards have?

The deluxe credit card catalog is packed with watches, computers, iPads, and several other products from some of the prestigious brands.

4. What is deluxe signature credit card catalog

The deluxe credit card catalog is a collection store parked with watches, computers, iPads, and several other products from some prestigious brands.

5. Is there a Deluxe Signature cashback or rewards program?

No, Deluxe Signature does not offer a rewards program.

6. Does Deluxe Signature have an introductory APR offer on balance transfers?

No, the Deluxe Signature card does not have an introductory APR offer for balance transfers.

7. What are the relevant APRs for Deluxe Signature?

According to the Federal Reserve Board, the average interest rate is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for accounts that carry a balance. Deluxe Signature has lower than average purchase APRs.
Deluxe Signature has a variable purchase APR of 0%.

8. Does Deluxe Signature have an introductory APR offer on new purchases?

No. the Deluxe Signature card does not offer an introductory rate on new purchases.

9. Does Deluxe Signature report your account activity to credit bureaus?

Yes, the Deluxe Signature reports all card activities to major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Transunion).

10. What does a signature credit card mean?

Visa Signature Cards offers more than the traditional Tire’s primary benefits and has a minimum credit limit of $5,000. Such a minimum credit limit is an entry barrier for new cardholders who apply. If you cannot qualify for that credit limit, you will likely receive a traditional visa card when the issue offers different tires for the same card.

Who can apply for the Deluxe signature card?

It is designed specifically for people with bad or no credit and gives them the freedom to purchase the things they need!

First of all, it important to re-emphasize that you can only use the Deluxe signature card at the online Unique Outlet store. The deluxe credit card catalog is packed with watches, computers, iPads, and several other products from some of the prestigious brands. The deluxe catalog is updated frequently to ensure members always get the latest products available to them.

It’s the next millennium catalog that gives you access to some early bird products while enabling you to improve your credit history in a short period.

FAQs About Deluxe Signature Card

Where Can You Use Deluxe Signature Card?

You can use Deluxe Signature Card in various credit bureaus. The card requires you to pay an Initial Program Fee of $29.95, a monthly Membership Fee of $19.95, and an Annual charge of $239.40. Moreover, you can only use it for the company’s online store with no signup bonus.  

What Is Signature Platinum?

Signature platinum is a Visa credit card with the full potential to offer greater purchasing power and higher spending limits. It’s your ideal credit card when you want to spend more from your cards. Their credit score range between 500s and 600s and ranks better than the Classic one.

What Is Next Millennium Card?

The Next Millennium card is a catalog card suitable for use at My Unique Outlet shop only. It’s an online store selling products like beauty products and electronics and has a 0% Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Thus, it allows you to buy merchandise from your favorite brands without interest. 

Does Edge Elite Report to Credit Bureaus?

No, Edge Elite doesn’t report to major credit bureaus. Hence, the card doesn’t require you to report payment activity to credit bureaus. Nonetheless,  paying a creditor that reports to credit bureaus on the contractually-defined date regularly can boost your score.

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