Group One Platinum

Group One Platinum: Rebuild Credit,$750 Credit Limit & 0% APR

The Group One Platinum credit card is for those people who want to rebuild their credit. 

It is excellent for people looking for a stored card that reports to credit bureaus, zero interest rates, and gives a high unsecured line of credit. You also get a 7-day trial period, and you can cancel at any time.

This review will make it easier for you to decide. It will provide you with all the details you need to make the best choice.

But first…

What is a Group One Platinum card?

It is a retail credit card that helps you repair your bad credit and one of the best cards for no credit score at all. Group One Credit Card requires no credit checks, meaning you can easily apply no matter the shape of your credit score.

Also, the  $750 credit limit and lack of APRs make payments on the card manageable and straightforward. You can use your card to purchase various items through the Horizon Outlet, access member benefits such as legal services and discounts on perceptions, as well as improve your credit score.

Is group one platinum a real credit card?

The Group One Platinum is not a traditional credit card and is not like most retail cards. It is a line of unsecured credit.

Being unsecured credit doesn’t require a refundable security deposit. It also offers tools to help you build your credit scores instead of offering cashback and points to loyal customers.

It also doesn’t require a credit or employment check to get one, making it easy for anyone to take advantage of the 0% interest and membership benefits for a monthly fee.

But there is a catch.

It comes with a $750 credit limit, and the card is limited to the Horizon Outlet online store. It can be limiting depending on your spending needs.

Who is Group One Platinum Ideal for

Who should get the Group One Platinum Card?

The Group One Platinum is ideal for people who want to rebuild and are ready to use the card responsibly. It is also easier to get compared to other traditional cards.

The Group One Platinum does not charge you interest or annual fees but will charge you a monthly membership fee of $14.77. However, you can take advantage of the additional benefits such as discounted prescriptions, legal assistance, or roadside assistance if you want to make the most out of the fee you pay.

To rebuild your credit, use the card sensibly on home goods, clothes, or kids’ toys at Horizon Outlets.

Create a good repayment history by promptly paying every month because the card issuer reports all three credit bureaus. Over time, your credit score will gradually improve.

Keep up with good use of the card and repayments, and your FICO score will eventually qualify you for a standard credit card or other types of credits or loans.

In summary, the card is ideal for people who;

  • Need a credit card nut do not want employment and credit checks
  • Need to build up a poor credit score or have no credit history
  • Want to enjoy the convenience of group one platinum online shopping but do not mind the monthly fee.
  • Want to take advantage of the extra perks that come with the card, such as legal aid, prescription discounts, and more.
  • Looking for regular credit reporting to the three major credit bureaus.

Now, let’s look at the review

Group One Platinum Card Review

If you’re still wondering whether Group One Credit Card is the right card for you, then let’s look at the pros and cons of Group One Platinum.


1. Best for people with poor credit scores – It is ideal for people with poor credit or no credit history and cannot get approved for other credit cards. 

The Group One Credit Card gives you a good starting point on your journey to high credit scores. The issuer does not check your income or employment history to approve your application. And once approved, Group One will report your payment history to credit bureaus, helping you build your credit.

2. Does not charge interest – Group One Platinum works differently from other traditional credit cards. They do not charge an annual fee or interest. You only pay a monthly membership fee which also comes with other perks. The regular APR also remains at 0%.

3. Manage your card online – You can manage the whole process online, from applying to paying your bills through Group One’s online portal. You get a response on your card application immediately after submission.

4. Rewards – Even though the card limits you Horizon Outlets, the website provides relatively cheap products; therefore, the $750 credit limit can offer you great value.

The Group One Platinum Card also offers up to a 40% discount on prescription drugs and free 30 minutes consultations. You can also visit one of the top legal professionals near you for any legal challenge.

You also receive a free credit report from Group One Platinum Card, which helps you rebuild your credit rating.

5. Free roadside assistance – You are limited to 3 service calls or towing requests, 15 miles, and $50 operator costs. There is also a limit to one service call per month.

Sounds good? Let’s look at some drawbacks


1. Monthly fees – Monthly fees can be relatively expensive. Imagine if you have a card limit of $750 and pay a monthly fee of $14.77, whether to carry a balance or not. Fortunately, the monthly fees come with other benefits that offset the fee. Plus, you can cancel it anytime.

2. Limited to Horizon Outlets  – The Group One Platinum Card is a store credit card limiting you to use it for purchases at the Horizon Outlet only. The retailer sells home decor, toys, clothes, and electronics.

3. Low credit limit – The card has a maximum credit limit of $750, limiting your utilization. Yet, the higher your unutilized credit limit, the more you boost your credit faster. But the $750 is a good start if you avoid carrying balances close to your credit limit.

That said, how can Group One Platinum Credit help you rebuild your credit?

How Group One Platinum Credit Card can help you rebuild your credit

Rebuilding your credit score is easier for some people but harder for others. It also depends on how you got your credit score tank in the first place.

Some people are lucky to find an unsecured credit card, but others don’t mind the secured credit card.

However, if you’reI still reading this review, you have probably been unlucky to find either an unsecured or a secured credit card.

Unlike the traditional Visa or Mastered Cards, you can only use the Group One Platinum in the Horizon Gold’s Online Store. However, they report your repayments to credit bureaus once you get approved.

Lack of credit checks or employment history helps you get started on your journey to rebuilding your credit history. 

In summary, Group one may not be the best card for credit rebuilders, but it is a valuable option when you have been unlucky with other credit cards. 

Use it until you get better credit cards.

Should you apply for the Group One Platinum Card?

Yes, when you have a specific need: rebuilding your credit.

If you have been denied other traditional credit cards, then the Group One Platinum Credit gives you another way to get your credit score on track.

Lack of interest accumulation helps you focus on consistent repayments, whether you carry a balance on not.

If all you need is a credit boost, then this card will be a valuable asset in your wallet. 

Other similar cards to consider

CardFeesUpfront FeeAPRCredit ChecksCredit ReportingCredit Lines
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Horizon Gold Card$24.95N.A.0%No Credit Check1 Credit Bureau$500
Net First Platinum$24.95N.A.0%No Credit Check1 Credit Bureau$500
Freedom Gold Card$24.95N.A.0%No Credit Check1 Credit Bureau$500
Fingerhut$0N.A.See Website*Yes3 Major Bureaus$200-$1,000
Unique Platinum$24.95N.A.0%No Credit Check1 Credit BureauNo Credit Check

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